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Partner With 4-H And Get Involved With Kids, Says New Leader

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Ami Neiberger

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GAINESVILLE – Educational programs for thousands of Florida’s kids just got better. Damon Miller assumed the role of State Leader in January for the University of Florida’s 4-H Youth Development Program. “Floridians should look at 4-H as an organization that helps young people stay on the right course in life,” said Damon Miller. “What we have in 4-H is an educational program that is a success, because communities have banded together around the theme of voluntarism and partnership. We all should get involved and become partners to help kids.” (more …)

New Florida Automated Weather Network (FAWN) Goes Online

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GAINESVILLE—With a few taps on a computer keyboard, University of Florida scientists today booted up the Florida Automated Weather Network (FAWN), a new agricultural weather data information service that will help warn the state’s $7 billion fruit and vegetable industry about devastating freezes.

The network fills a gap left By the National Weather Service in 1996, when it discontinued weather programs for agricultural producers and other groups. (more …)

Joe Joyce Named Interim UF Vice President

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GAINESVILLE—Joseph C. Joyce, associate vice president of the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, was today (1-9-98) named Interim Vice President for Agriculture and Natural resources by UF President John Lombardi.

Joyce succeeds retiring Vice President James M. Davidson and will serve in an interim role as administrative head of the UF’s statewide research and education programs in agriculture and natural reSources. He will begin serving Feb. 1, 1998 and continue until a permanent vice president is selected and the appointment becomes effective. A nationwide search is now underway. (more …)

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