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UF Experts Breed Puffer Fish in Captivity; Pet Trade and Genetics Research Could Benefit

Topic(s): Aquaculture
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    Tom Nordlie – (352) 273-3567
  • Source:
    Craig Watson – cawatson@ufl.edu, (813) 505-2625

Craig Watson shows an adult spotted green puffer fish
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GAINESVILLE, Fla. — Spotted green puffer fish seldom reproduce in captivity, but University of Florida experts have created the first commercial breeding method reported in the United States, a move that could benefit the tropical fish industry and genetics researchers.

A UF team investigated the species at the request of producers, who hope to breed some of the estimated quarter million spotted green puffers sold annually to North American hobbyists and researchers, said Craig Watson, director of UF’s Tropical Aquaculture Laboratory in Ruskin, part of the Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences. (more …)

New Web Sites Make At-Home Learning Convenient for Florida Growers

Topic(s): Agriculture, Extension, Lawn & Garden, New Technology, RECs
  • By:
    Mickie Anderson – (352) 273-3566
  • Sources:
    Joan Dusky – jadu@ufl.edu, (352) 392-1761
    Bob Hochmuth – bobhoch@ufl.edu, 386-362-1725 x103

Bob Hochmuth reviews an updated version of a Web site that helps supplement the information growers get at traditional Field Days
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GAINESVILLE, Fla. — One of the most enduring aspects of agriculture is going high-tech.

The field day has been around… well, pretty much forever. At a typical field day, farmers or other interested people have a chance to visit a farm and learn hands-on from extension agents what the latest scientific research has to say about a particular topic, such as how to prevent diseases in peanuts or grow new varieties of sweet corn. (more …)

Near Darwin’s Bicentennial, UF Researchers Help Reveal Hidden Aspect of Evolutionary Theory

Topic(s): Research
  • By:
    Stu Hutson – (352) 273-3569
  • Source:
    Lukasz Stelinski – stelinski@ufl.edu, (863) 956-1151

apple maggot fly on an apple
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GAINESVILLE, Fla. — Although widely speculated, researchers have now shown that the evolution of one species can drive the evolution of another.

For the first time, researchers from the University of Florida, the University of Notre Dame and Michigan State University have documented what evolutionary biologists call “cascading speciation.” In the February 6 issue of the journal Science, they describe how the continuing evolution of a fly species directly triggers changes in a wasp that preys on those flies—a powerful demonstration of the complexity of Darwin’s theory. (more …)

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